2 yr. old

Our little Two's

FCBA IconCurriculum for Two’s

Our two year olds thrive in a small group setting (8 students/2 Teachers). We use a themed based and faith based curriculum called WEE Learn. FCBA staff is trained to provide positive learning experiences; and a warm loving environment.

Toddlers will learn about the world around them and the God who created it through themed based play. We focus on self-help skills, problem solving and negotiating play with their peers. Most of all we make Learning Fun!

fcba 2 yr. old preschool

I go to School , Rituals and routines , Color– red,  Shape– circle

I am Growing, I am learning to help, I can See and Hear, I can Taste and Touch and Smell, I can Eat Good Food,  Color– yellow Shape– circle

My Family Enjoys Fall, My family works in many ways, We Learn about Farm Animals, Fall Festival, Color– orange, Shape– square

I Learn through playing, We have friends at church, My Family gives Thanks, Thanksgiving, Color– brown, Shape– square

My World has many colors and shapes, My Family Enjoys Christmas, Color– green, Shape– triangle

My community has helpers, It’s Winter Outside my Window, Snow/Snowman, We enjoy pets, Color– blue, Shape– triangle

We discover zoo animals, I love my family/Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, We have fun with friends, Color– purple, Shape– heart

Dr. Seuss Week, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Easter, We can experience Springtime Color– white, Shape– oval

We enjoy Day and Night, We thank God for plants, I travel with my family, Color–black, Shape– rectangle

Mother’s Day,  We Thank God for water,  Summer Color & Shape review